Shotcrete (guniting) is a type of concrete that is spouted against surfaces. There are two methods. With the dry variant, the water is added only in the nozzle of the lance. The mixing does not take place until the shotcrete adheres to the surface.

With the wet method, the cement is mixed in advance with water and then led through the hose, whereby only air under high pressure is added. Shotcrete can be easily applied to previously installed reinforcement.

Technique sheet for shotcrete


EINDHOVEN (Betonballon - Concrete Balloon)

Client: BBcom
Execution: 2008

A unique pilot project. An inflatable balloon is placed around wooden edge formwork. A layer of shotcrete is applied to both the balloon and the formwork. Once everything is dry, the balloon can be deflated, the formwork is removed and the structure is ready.

BISSEN (Luxemburg)

Client: JMJ Promotions
Execution: 2007

Project sheet

A nailed slope of 20 m high and a surface area of 1,350 m2 with 11 rows of nails to which shotcrete was applied.

ANTWERPEN (Graffito)

Client: Vooruitzicht
Execution: 2004

A surface area of 425 m2 with shotcrete of 13 cm thick and a surface area of 696 m2 with shotcrete of 15 cm thick was finished waterproof.