Smet-Tunnelling nv is a leading tunnel boring and pipe jacking company with European references.

The trenchless techniques offer numerous advantages: less discomfort in the area, reduction of social-economic costs, less earth removing (only pipe section), no impact on the groundwater level and minimum settlements. Smet-Tunnelling bores tunnels in soft and hard subsoil, in clay, in gravel-like and heterogeneous formations across Europe, both above and below the groundwater table.

Smet-Tunnelling has 40 years’ experience in pipe jacking for sewers, collectors, tunnels for cables and pipes and inlet and outlet pipes in coastal regions. Pipe jackings in a bend (both horizontal and vertical) with lengths up to more than 1,500 m were successfully completed on several European projects. Additionally, numerous larger bored tunnels with earth pressure balanced shields or slurry shields with a tunnel wall lining of prefabricated concrete tubings for train and metro tunnels and pipe undercrossings were created.

Smet-Tunnelling optimizes the turnkey project. Tunnel and execution methods, construction pits, departing and receiving shafts are designed by our own engineering, designing and drawing office. Variants are worked out for a better workability, planning and execution cost. The large capacity of specialised boring teams have developed, thanks to  their continuity and many years of experience, a significant level of routine and professionalism. Smet-Tunnelling has an extensive range of closed shields.

Smet-Tunnelling develops unique tunnel applications :

  • Pipe roofs: pipes bored next to one another serving as roofing sheet for the underground construction of metro and railway stations or car parks.
  • Tunnel technology for  deep storage of radioactive waste in clay formations.
  • Cross-over tunnels between tunnels bored next to one another.
  • Pushing or sliding through of prefabricated tubular bridges under operational railway tracks.
  • Prefab sinking shafts for starting and target pits of tunnels.
  • Pipeline renovation via relining, pipe-bursting and shotcrete.