Earth or bed nailing consists in placing in the ground a number of reinforcement elements or nails which can absorb tensions occurring in the ground.

By placing these nails, a reinforced earth body is created. Usually a layer of shotcrete of about 10 cm thick will suffice to cover the thus reinforced earth body.

Technique sheet for nailing


MOL (bicycle tunnels)

Client: VBG
Number of nails: 315
Execution: 2010

Besides the nails of 4 to 6 m long, this project for three bicycle tunnels also featured 30 tension piles (up to 20 m) and 276 metres run of triple walls.

ANTWERP (Sint-Vincentius)

Client: Roegiers
Number of nails: 650
Execution: 2008-2009

Gewi anchors were placed for the construction pit of the Sint-Vincentius hospital. Anchor lengths: from 5 to 9.5 m.

BISSEN (Luxembourg)

Client: JMJ Promotions
Number of nails:
Execution: 2007

Project sheet

A nailed slope of 20 m high with a surface area of 1,350 m2 and 11 rows of nails to which shotcrete was applied.