Gravel Cores

The vibrating needle is lowered to the desired depth in the ground as it continuously vibrates. During this process, the natural bottom is pressed aside in radial direction, creating a cylindrical space which is kept open by compressed air injection.

As soon as the bearing layer is reached, the vibrating needle is lifted about 50 cm and gravel is injected under air pressure into this space through a bush. The gravel is pressed into the wall by the vibrating needle. By lifting the vibrating needle step by step, a strongly compacted continuous gravel column is built up in the soil.

Technique sheet for gravel cores



Client: Oehm
Number of cores: 242
Execution: 2011

Gravel cores of 8 to 9 m deep for the foundation of windmills.

GENT (The Loop)

Client: CEI – De Meyer
Number of cores: 496
Execution: 2009

In the first phase of this project, almost 500 gravel cores of 7 to 9 m were carried out.

WIJNEGEM (Magazijn Manna)

Client: Verelst NV
Number of cores: 980
Execution: 2007

Project sheet

Gravel cores serving as foundation for a floor slab.