2000 Danes through the tunnel

A public visitors day was organised in Helsinge. Almost 2000 curious Danes strolled through the tunnel achieved by Smet-Tunnelling. Wouter Roels, the project manager of Smet-Tunnelling, could barely believe his eyes: ribbons were cut in the departure and arrival shaft and, as a reference to the famous ‘Wall of Fame’ in Hollywood, signatures were recorded on the inside of the tunnel. Lots of pictures were taken.

From the speech of the President of the Board, we would like to quote these phrases: “We thank all the people from Smet for their work. We are very pleased to have Smet as our contractor.”
In the local Danish press several articles were published about this popular movement:

2012-11-13 Bezoekdag Helsinge (Ugeposten)
2012-11-12 Bezoekdag Helsinge (Gribvand Spildevand)
2012-11-11 Bezoekdag Helsinge (Netavisen Nordkysten)
2012-11-10 Bezoekdag Helsinge (Netavisen Nordkysten)