Soil Energy

Soil energy is a sustainable way of cooling and heating buildings in an ecologically sound manner. The most commonly applied type of soil energy is cold-heat storage (CHS). The working principle of CHS is based on the insulating properties of the subsoil.

There are two systems for CHS: open and closed systems. Underground energy storage is applied in office buildings, hospitals, in cultivation under glass, in the heating of railway switches, in homes and residential areas.

Technique sheet for soil energy


LOMMEL (Loomans)

Client: Loomans Plastics
Wells: 2 pieces
Depth: 140 m
Execution: 2012

Cold storage / recycling system

BEVEREN (De Notelaar)

Client: OCMW Beveren
Vertical soil loops: 46
Depth: 130 m
Double soil loops: 6.000 m

Soil energy storage field for retirement home De Notelaar