Pipeline renovation

Relining: rehabilitation of the existing sewer system or pipeline by retracting a GRP (glass-fibre reinforced polyester) sleeve which is cured with UV light.

Pipe bursting: a new HDPE drain pipe is run through an existing old drainage, crushing the old drainage in the process.

Shotcrete: existing sewers are rehabilitated by applying shotcrete.

Technique sheet for pipeline renovation



Technique: relining
Principal: AIVE
Main Contractor: Smet-Tunnelling nv
Execution: september-november 2012
Diameter: DN300 t/m DN500/700
Length: 1.920 m


Technique: relining
Principal: TMVW
Main Contractor: Verhelst
Execution: juni 2012
Diameter: DN400/600 en DN800/1.200
Length: 210 m

GENT (Port)

Technique: relining
Principal: Port of Ghent
Main Contractor: Smet-Tunnelling nv
Execution: mei 2012
Diameter: DN600
Length: 3 x 27 m