Micro Piles

Micro piles are piles with a small diameter. The drilled holes are filled (under pressure) with grout (mixture of cement and water). Rods or lost pipes are used as reinforcement.

They can be drilled through existing foundations, thus reinforcing them. Micro piles can also be installed at certain angles and are often used in spaces that are difficult to access.

Technique sheet micro piles



Client: Sleep Sense
Execution: 2011

51 pressure piles and 29 tension piles to restore the floor level.


Client: Antwerpse Bouwwerken
Execution: 2009-2011

SOUTH POLE (Princess Elisabeth Station)

Client: The International Polar Foundation
Execution: 2007-2008

Project sheet

Anchoring of the polar station in the granite rock-bed in extreme weather conditions.