Injections can be performed to fill holes and pores in the subsoil. This way, for example, a pavement or a concrete floor can be stabilised and the bearing capacity of the structure can be increased. Depending on the type of soil, different techniques can be applied. Typically, cement mortar is injected.

Technique sheet for injections


DOEL (DP World)

Client: DP World
Execution: 2011

Injections under the driveways of the industrial hall. First, a wall was applied with Taccs to allow for targeted injecting.

ANTWERPEN (Haantjeslei)

Client: Alcatel-Bell
Execution: 2007

59 borings from the same pit. Soil sanitation of the old General Motors premises.

ANTWERPEN (Europaterminal)

Client: THV Soletanche-Smet
Execution: 1998

No less than 3,400 injections for the purpose of stabilising 43 caissons by means of compaction grouting. Borings of 35 m and injections up to 31 m.