Anchor blocks

Ground anchors are anchoring elements formed in the ground that consist of a strand bundle or steel rod surrounded with cement grout. Their role is to absorb tensile forces according to the longitudinal axis. The required anchor force is supplied by slide resistances between the ground on the one hand and an anchor body (root) on the other hand. Anchors are typically pre-stressed so as to limit the deformation of the structure whose stability they ensure.

Technique sheet for anchor blocks



Client: Yara Sluiskil
Type of anchors: rod anchors
Number of anchors: 100
Execution: 2009

The rod anchors of 15 and 19 m were drilled from the quay. They were applied on two levels.

ANTWERPEN (Delwaidedok)

Client: THV Herbosch-Kiere-Roegiers
Type of anchors: definitive strand anchors
Number of anchors: 413
Execution: 2005

Project sheet

Anchors with 16 strands and a service load of 2,000 kN.

OOSTENDE (Nieuw Helmond)

Client: Heijmans
Type of anchors: strand anchors
Number of anchors: 80
Execution: 2004

For this construction pit, 80 strand anchors were drilled up to 600 kN.  Additionally, at this site, a TSM wall of 305 metres run with 50 tension piles was built.