Secant Piles

This technique involves the formation on site of concrete or grout piles by removing soil through a recoverable bush. A piling wall is formed by touching (tangent) or intersecting (secant) piles which were executed in a specific order.

Tangent piles are only earth-retaining. Secant piles are both earth- and water-retaining. With secant piling walls, normally only one pile in two is reinforced.

Technique sheet for secant piles


BRUGES (Scheepsdale bridge)

Client: Depret
Execution: 2010

Besides the 483 secant piles with a diameter of 610 mm and a length of 15,5 m, we also executed: 108 foundation piles, 176 soil mix piles and 47 anchor blocks.

ANTWERPEN (Total Fina)

Client: Strabag
Execution: 2009

68 metres run of secant piles with a diameter of 63 cm and a length of 12.5 m.


Client: Galler
Execution: 2009

A total of 9 round secant pile pits with diameters ranging from 5.13 to 9.5 m.