Vertical drillings

Vertical drillings carried out for geotechnical and geological surveys, environmental projects, water catchment, cold-heat storage, placement of vertical soil heat exchangers, placement of frost pipes, placement of degassing wells and permanent dewatering systems.

Various techniques are applied, such as dry drillings with stirred and unstirred sampling, auger drillings, flushing drillings, suction drillingss, airlift drillings, core drillings, sample drillings, diagraphy drillings and hammer drillings.

Technique sheet for vertical drillings



Client: VMW
Technique: airlifts
Execution: 2010

3 water catchment pits of more than 100 m deep and a measuring well.

NORTH SEA (Thornton bank)

Client: Hydro Soil Services
Technique: exploratory borings
Execution: 2009

Offshore soil analysis as part of the offshore wind farm to be built. Exploratory borings with stirred and unstirred sampling and pressure-meter tests. Pre-drilling and over- drilling at CPT locations with a flushing drill.


Technique: exploratory borings
Execution: 2008

Geotechnical survey as part of surface storage. Various exploratory borings with stirred and unstirred sampling (depth of 90 m), continuous cored borings (depth of 50 – 190 m), pressure-meter tests (depth of 90 m), pump pits and measuring wells.