Soilmixing (CSM)

During drilling, the grout which is injected under high pressure is mixed with the soil, creating a soil mix pile.

With CSM (Cutter Soil Mixing) this is done without a tube using a cutter. Variants are twin and triple boring, whereby two or three piles are created without using tubes.

Technique Sheet for Soil Mixing (CSM)


MOL (Music school)

Client: Vlasco
Technique: Triple soil mix
Execution: 2012

For a subterranean garage CSM walls were executed with nailing and anchor blocks.

TURNHOUT (De Warande)

Client: Strabag
Technique: Triple soil mix
Execution: 2011

For the renovation of the cultural centre De Warande, 130 metres run of wall of on average 5.5 m deep were created.


Client: Vanhout
Technique: CSM-TSM
Execution: 2009

100 metres run of TSM-CSM wall for the post office building.