With their electro-mechanics division, Smet GWT Europe are primarily active in design, total engineering, construction, project management and operation of the overall electro-mechanical aspects for all water-related activities, both for the industrial and public sector, for potable water, waste-water, process water and water treatment in general. All electro-hydraulic disciplines for dirty and clean water under one roof.

A team of specialised technicians, project managers and designers carry out, entirely in-house, turnkey projects and solutions based on own detail engineering and design. In doing so, we use state-of-the-art techniques such as 3D design for the creation of the piping or mechanics in general. The design of the low voltage system and the drafting of the electrical diagrams is done in E-plan P8. Welding, the construction of industrial panels, prefab, installation, assembly, creation, putting into operation and maintenance are done by our own people.


Potable Water

Installation of: booster pumping stations, pumping stations, complete water catchment, deferrization, water softening plants, UV disinfecting plant, irrigation stations, …
These installations are carried out completely in the structural, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical sense, for both the industry and the public market.

Technique sheet for potable water

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PUTTE (Tinstraat)

Customer: PIDPA
Execution: 2011

Renovation of electromechanical equipment of booster station.

DESSEL (Water tower)

Customer: PIDPA
Execution: 2011

Renovation of the water tower of Dessel.


Customer: VMW
Execution: 2006-2009

Project sheet

Electromechanical execution of a water softening plant.


Installation of sewage pumping stations, mountain settling basin, pumping plants, hydraulically controlled valves and discharge regulators at siphon passages or basins, … These installations were carried out both for the industry and for the public market.

Technique sheet for wastewater

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Customer: Aquafin
Execution: 2011

Conversion of the entire electromechanical equipment of a wastewater treatment plant while the existing installation should remain fully in service.


Customer: Aquafin
Execution: 2011

Construction of a SPP (sewage purification plant).


Customer: Mols NV
Execution: 2007

Electromechanical equipment of a pumping plant.

Process Water for the Industry

Virtually every company uses water: as a coolant, a process agent or a solvent. All of these applications fall under the heading of process water. Owing to the diversity, the water must meet different quality standards.

Also, the water must undergo a specific pre-treatment. Smet-GWT provide tailored solutions for process water in a variety of business sectors.

Technique sheet for process water for the industry

References process water for the Industry

WIJGMAAL (Beneo Remy)

Customer: Beneo Remy
Execution: 2011

Industrial water softening by means of a pelletreactor. Execution by THV Smet-GWT – Aramis.

WILRIJK (Coca-Cola)

Customer: Coca-Cola
Execution: 2008-2009

Alteration to the water purification and stainless steel piping for the water treatment.


Customer: Desso
Execution: 2007-2008

For textile company Desso, a deferrization plant (30 + 60 m³/h), a water softening plant (60 + 10 m³/h) and a reverse osmosis (10 m³/h) were installed.