Dewatering or dry suction lower the groundwater level to enable earthwork to be carried out in dry conditions, e.g. for construction pits, sewers and utility lines. This can be achieved through various techniques: filter dewatering, deep wells, return dewatering, horizontal drains and vanes. Applications are permanent dewatering, groundwater purification plants and pump tests.

Technical sheet for dewatering


ANTWERP (Liefkenshoek railway connection)

Client: THV Locobouw
Technique: deep wells
Execution: 2010-2012

Dewatering for the construction of a 16- km railway connection from the left bank to the right bank of the river Scheldt. Protected by GSM alarm with data logging.

BRUGES (Residence Forum 2)

Client: Sabijac bouwteam – Groep Jacxsens
Technique: deep wells
Number of wells: 5
Execution: 2009

Probe-controlled tension dewatering in the historical city centre of Bruges. Combi wells on the inside of the construction pit. Sealing of the wells by means of sleeves in the general floor slab. Probe-controlled gradual groundwater lowering and subsequent re-raising according to the progress of the structural works. Protected by GSM alarm.